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If you have found your way to this site and these words you must love photography and Paris as we do. This archive, @Paris, and the ideas and images of the photographers whose talent and contributions made it possible have got to get under your skin if you spend any time here. We hope you will enjoy looking through this album as much as we have. As with @600 you will find each image of @Paris and the collection as a whole a resource for thinking about and enjoying photography, Paris and the insights and flashes of 'look at this' that the medium brings with it.  This time out we encouraged our contributors to add a few words about the when, where, what or why of their photographs and these texts expand on the photographs in interesting ways.  

We hope you will also spend some time with the essays of Ulrich Baer and Darius Himes. We want to say thanks to Ulrich and Darius for these texts that deepen our experience of this collection and our understanding of the special historical relationship of photography and Paris. 

We want to offer our thanks especially to the photographers who generously supported the project with their photographs, time and talent -- without them there is no mus-mus. And we want to thank the hundreds of photographers from around the world whose participation in the submissions process allowed the archive to be rounded out by work that we could not come to know through any other means. We want to say a special thanks to our jurors Stephen Shore, Gil Blank, and Denise Wolff who shouldered the daunting work of selecting the 'just right' images from a very rich pool of photographs submitted. Jurors of their caliber always attract a wide audience and we are grateful for their standing with us in this effort.  

We also owe a special debt to Frederic Bellay whose concentrated work in Paris over the years enabled him to contribute a wonderful photograph to the collection and also to bring to our attention the work of others in his circle who are either based in Paris or through long years of work there have an intimate regard for the city. And finally we thank our many friends of the world wide web who through their blog posts and announcements provide the infrastructure, support and community that make a guerilla operation like mus-mus possible. Most of the suspects in this category are listed under our "links" heading but we want to mention especially Mrs. Deane, LOZ, and 2point8 who this time out again gave us an initial boost that was so helpful.

When we began this project in May we wanted to find out how photographers today see Paris and think about the Paris they see. We were curious whether the long tradition of 'lenses loving Paris' still held true. We said in our opening statement in May:

As with @600 mus-mus will strive to use the ease and power of the web combined with the talents and camaraderie of the global photography community to develop a striking online archive of images. This time the focus is around this singular place, Paris, as seen through the vision of photographers from all parts of the world. It is fitting that Paris, lovingly called "The City of Light" should have been one of the first and most thoroughly photographic and photographed places on earth.

We think @Paris evidences the continued vitality of the special dialogue between Paris and its photographers. We hope you enjoy the show.

Sincerely and with deep appreciation to all those who made this possible,

August 31, 2009