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Hey! Got old flash or film hanging around in your studio? Want to put it to good use?

Don't take a picture with it -- take a picture of it. Team mus-mus is looking for your help with an archive that will let us all see film and flash products that we're bidding au revoir, leaving behind, or perhaps still clinging desperately to. Since George Eastman first invented an emulsion coating machine to mass-produce photographic dry plates in 1879, commercially available photography technology has been a sustaining feature of the photographer's practice. As old technologies are increasingly falling away and sometimes re-emerging in new 'skins', it will be interesting to take a collective worldwide snapshot of what's on hand in studios (and maybe flea markets) now that are gone from stores or will be tomorrow.

The project is simple. Just submit up to ten studio style "product shots" of film or flash that you have on hand and would like to see posted. See the links here. for sample shots and here for technical directions. Our launch date for submissions for this project is June 10th and we plan to wrap up acceptance of submissions no later than July 1, 2010. As always mus-mus reserves the right to post only those images that make sense in the context of the project --- how many pictures of a box of "Time Zero" can you stand? We encourage you to dig deep for those old and odd items that you haven't been able to part with or that for some reason you want to be 'immortalized' in the archive.

As always we look forward to seeing what's on your minds and this time on your shelves and in your cabinets.



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SUBMISSION PERIOD: JUNE 10, through July 1st, 2010!*

*The deadline is based actually on our availability to update everyday the photos you are sending. We will continue to accept entries after this, though in a less regular basis. You are still very welcome to send your photos after this deadline to complete the archive.

Make 2 separate photographs: 1 of the packaging of films or flash and 1 of its content (one piece or all the material).
If you don't have the content of the box, you are still welcome to share these items.

Please check the examples here and try to stick to the kind of presentation we request. Format uniformity is important for this archive so that we can enjoy the varied shape, design and graphics of these materials so please use this approach: White background, square format, color,...Flashes can be bulbs, cubes, strips... Films can be old ones, but recent ones too...

Please send your images 1000x1000px, in sRGB, 100% jpg.

We will accept up to 10 different diptychs from each photographer (i.e. 10 different products).

Please send your images to this email address: ffarchive at mus-mus dot org, and add in the subject of your email your full name and also "Film & Flash Archive Submission". Important: name your images with your name + name of the project: as for example for one diptych: namesurname_ffarchive01a.jpg and namesurname_ffarchive01b.jpg.

Please add a biography within the email – maximum 100 words.

Photos have to be done by you, copyright is yours of course with rights granted to mus-mus for publication on the mus-mus site.

Make sure you have and keep also a high resolution of those images! :-)

We will accept only one package of each kind of film and flash. Therefore please check mus-mus website before sending your images. We will do our utmost to update it in a regular basis during June. If it appears that we receive the same package before the website is updated, decision and choices will be made by mus-mus.

We hope to be able to include all your images. But submitted images won't guarantee inclusion in the Film & Flash Archive mus-mus.org page because we reserve the right to make final decisions about what to include. Please follow our technical and layout specifications carefully!

Looking forward to your contribution to this archive!

Many thanks,